Vintage mushrooms, vegetables and fruit – cotton ornaments

If you are a collector or are just interested in the history of cotton and papier-mache ornaments, you may find some useful information here.

The history says, in the 16th century, Germans already had a custom of decorating Christmas trees with real apples, nuts and other food.

Fruits and vegetables on Christmas tree symbolized the affluence in the coming New Year.

Cotton and glass ornaments replaced real foods on the holiday tree centuries later.

Here are presented some Soviet – Russian cotton ornaments.

All these fruits, vegetables and mushrooms came from the end of the 1930s to the middle of the 1950s.

We’ll update this post with new images when we get new ones.


Lemon. 80mm.

  1. Lemon. 80mm.

Two plums. 50mm.

2. Two plums. 50mm.

Two small apples. 50mm.

3. Two small apples. 50mm.

Red apple. 60mm

4. Red apple. 60mm

Couple of cherries. 50mm.

5. Couple of cherries. 50mm.

Pear. 80mm.

6. Pear. 80mm.

Pear. 60mm.

7. Pear. 60mm.

Couple of strawberries. 60mm.

8. Couple of strawberries. 60mm.

Tangerine fruit. 60mm.

9. Tangerine fruit. 60mm.


Couple of carrots. 80mm.

  1. Couple of carrots. 80mm.

Cucumber. 80mm.

2. Cucumber. 80mm.


Fly agaric. 80mm.

  1. Fly agaric. 80mm.

Mushroom. 60mm.

2. Mushroom. 60mm.

Mushroom. 60mm.

3. Mushroom. 60mm.

Couple of paper mache's mushrooms. 60mm.

4. Couple of paper mache’s mushrooms. 60mm.


Two walnuts. 60mm.

  1. Two walnuts. 60mm.

Couple of acorns. 50mm.

2. Couple of acorns. 50mm.