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10 Best Christmas Ornaments

We put the best ornaments (our view) from our current ornament stock. Our chosen criteria are as follows: an ornament's age, item's condition and it's rarity. And of course, our low prices which we are proud to provide to you.

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Baron Orange - Wonderful and very rare ornament from a series of the Adventures of Cipollino - the 1960s
If you like to know more on the Adventures of Cipollino's ornaments, read our post - https://www.randttreasures.com/blog/cipollino-his-friends-and-foes/ ..
Servant Strawberry Girl of the tale of Cipollino - ornament from the 1950-60s
You may know some more about the Cipollino ornament’s series on -- http://www.randttreasures.com/blog/cipollino-his-friends-and-foes/ ..
Stunning Santa Claus cotton and paper-mache figure - Perfect ornament 1962
This treasured vintage Santa is 330mm. The ornament covered with crushed glass or Venetian Dew or 'sugar' as we call it here. Great addition to your collection!! ..
Wonderful vintage cardboard snowflake with a children face of the end of the 1950s
The ornament covered with crushed glass or Venetian Dew or 'sugar' as we call it here. ..
Wooden puppet boy Buratino. Size 10.5cm [4ins+]. This is only single copy and it was carved with just a pocket knife. Unique design; Not kit
Buratino is a cousin of Pinocchio. Buratino is the main character of the book The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Buratino. Again, this is one copy in the world; I know it because my father made this wooden ornament. ..