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The Volutidae or common name volutes, are a large family of marine mollusks which vary greatly in size - from 9mm to 500mm and over. The word Voluta means "scroll" in Latin. Indeed, all volutes have a spiral shell. Most species of these mollusks inhabit the tropical waters.  However, some are found in the cold seas of the Polar circles. Voluta shells are very popular among shell collectors for their elegant shape and varied patterns. There are many species of Volutidae that have been discovered over the years.  Some of Volutidae are extremely deep sea water dwellers.

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Cymbiola aulica aulica, Sowerby 1825. 118mm. F+++/Gem
Sandy bottom offshore reef 30 meters. Zamboanga, Philippines. ..
Cymbiola aulica palawanica, Doute. 1985 90.5mm F+++/Gem
Palawan, Philippines, taken by fishermen in tangle nets collected 2/2005. Very big specimen, Ultra Rare Black pattern with beautiful orange lip. ..