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The Murecidae, common name murex snails or rock shells is one of the largest marine mollusk’s families. There are more than 1,600 living Murecidae species and 1,200 fossil ones have been found over time. This family inhabits from shallow to extremely deep sea water around the world. Shells of murex snails are variable in shapes and colors. These seashells are very attractive for collecting.

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Ceratostoma burnetti, Adams & Reeve 1849. 73,1mm w/o. F+++/Gem
Taken by diver at 40 feet on rubble, Pusan Harbor, S. Korea. 2010. ..
Chicoreus saulii Sowerby 1841 83.5mm. w/o. Gem
Chicoreus saulii Sowerby 1841 83.5mm. w/o. Gem. Collected by local fishermen Bohol, Philippines. 2010. Super specimen. White spots on shell are from the camera. ..
Chicoreus spectrum 116mm. w/o. F+++/Gem
Taken a lived at 20-25m, Fortim, Ceara, Brazil. ..
Homalocantha oxyacantha (Broderip, 1833) 70mm, w/o. F+/F++ HUGE
Taken off 14ft. Gobernadora Island, Santa Catalina, Panama 2005. ..
Murex hexaplex stainforthi, Reeve 1845. 61mm, w/o. Nearlly Gem for this BIG specimen
Murex hexaplex stainforthi, Reeve 1845. 61mm, w/o. Nearly Gem for this BIG specimen. Broome, W. Austraia, lntertidal reef. 2010. ..
Murex pecten, Lightfoot, J.1786. 108mm
Collected by local fishermen at depth of about 50-60 meters, Bohol, Philippines. This specimen from ex. collection Jack Lightbourne. ..
Pterynotus phyllopterus, Lamarck 1822. 58,5mm Gem
It has been taken by a diver at 17 meters deep at Pointe Ferry in Guadeloupe on 2/2004. ..