The Magical Wild Goat Silver Hoof – glass ornaments

The Magical Wild Goat Silver Hoof – glass ornaments

This is a wonderful fairy story of the old hunter named Kokovanya, his adopted granddaughter Daryonka, her scrawny kitten and the magical wild goat Silver Hoof.

  Kokovanya, Daryonka and the kitten lived in the poor hut deep in the Siberian forest.

 One day, Silver Hoof came to the hut and surprisingly helped Daryonka and Kokovanya to change their life for a much better one.

 That fairy tale is from Pavel Bazhov’s collection of stories.

 A few different colors and sizes glass decoration sets with the characters of this fairy tale were produced in the 1950s-70s.

 Here are some glass decorations from those sets.

Silver Hoof.102mm.(1950-60s)

  1. Silver Hoof.102mm.(1950-60s)

Kokovanya. 108mm. (1950-60s)

2. Kokovanya. 108mm. (1950-60s)

Kokovanya. Mini set 72mm. (1950-60s)

3. Kokovanya. Mini set 72mm. (1950-60s)


4. Daryonka.102mm.(1950-60s)


5. Kitten.72mm.(1950-60s)

Kitten. 72mm.(1950-60s)

6. Kitten. 72mm.(1950-60s)

Kitten.  98mm. (1960s)

7. Kitten.  98mm. (1960s)