Ruslan and Ludmila – glass ornaments

Ruslan and Ludmila is an epic fairy tale-poem by A. S. Pushkin.

The poem recounts the abduction of Princess Ludmila, the daughter of the Sovereign Vladimir of Kiev, by an evil sorcerer Chernomor and the attempt by the brave knight Ruslan.

After a long and dangerous journey, Ruslan reached the kingdom of Chernomor, killed the evil sorcerer and rescued Ludmila.

Evil Sorcerer Chernomor. 85mm. (1950-70s)

  1. Evil Sorcerer Chernomor. 85mm. (1950-70s)

Warrior's Head. 85mm. (1950-60s)

2. Warrior’s Head. 85mm. (1950-60s)

Warrior's Head. 100mm. (1970-80s)

3. Warrior’s Head. 100mm. (1970-80s)

Warrior's Head. 85mm. (1950-60s)

4. Warrior’s Head. 85mm. (1950-60s)