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Welcome to R and T Treasures!

Our Dear Customers! 

All ornament orders of $190 value or more will receive FREE shipping!

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Our goal is to bring to you quality specimen shells, collectible coins, original antique and vintage Christmas ornaments and different collectibles. Whether you are a just starting out as a collector or a specialist you will find uniqueness here. We have been in this business since 2001. We ship worldwide and have satisfied customers in the USA, United Kingdom. Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Denmark, Brazil, France and are still building our customer base. Your satisfaction is our concern, and your success is our success. New uncommon and interesting collectible materials arrive all the time!

Christmas Ornaments.
We are happy to provide you with the widest spectrum of all sorts of rare, antique and uncommon vintage Christmas ornaments from the 1900s to the 1970s. All the items were selected from old collections in the Ukraine. We fully understand that every customer is different and we offer real different ornaments for the best price. Glass, cotton, cardboard and beaded/wire ones are available at Randttreasures. Amazing ornamental birds, animals, fish, people and Santa Claus figures are presented on our website. Glass pine cones, fruit and vegetables are listed here too. All our antique, vintage Christmas ornaments are 100% original and not modern reproductions! We sell antique historical ornaments as well as uncommon Christmas tree ones.
If you are not a fan of vintage decorations, take a look at the modern Christmas ornaments category.

Specimen Shells
We can provide you with fantastic specimens from the clear waters of sunny Florida. Every shell is selected for its eye appeal with respect for our grade. We also sell quality specimen shells and fossil ones from all the corners of the world. Have fun with treasured specimens from us!

Collectible Coins
If you are interested in the perfect collectible coins, you have found the treasure chest. We are specialized in the selling of ancient and worldwide modern coins. Every collectable coin is a piece of human history, and you may now replenish your collection with rare pieces from our store.

Art Gallery
We opened our picture gallery for real connoisseurs of art. Unique original drawings and signed lithographs are for sale there

Other Collectibles
Visit our other collectables category if you are looking for some other collectable items as follows: military items, vintage souvenirs  and unique hand made crafts.

Thank you for the business!
Robert Marchiselli.