Grey Neck – glass ornaments

Grey Neck – glass ornaments

The Grey Neck is the tale by Mamin-Siberian.

The story tells about a little wild duck who had a broken wing.

Grey neck lost the ability to fly and could not leave a lake flying with other ducks to warmer climes for the winter.

Grey neck left alone in the freezing lake, but only a hare visited the duck.

A subtle fox waited for when the lake will freeze to hunt the poor duck.

Serendipitously, an old hunter found Grey neck and decided to take her to the home of his small grandchildren.

All four personages of this tale were created as glass decorations.

Grey Neck.83mm. (1950-60s)

  1. Grey Neck.83mm. (1950-60s)

Grey Neck.83mm. (1950-60s)

2. Grey Neck.83mm. (1950-60s)

Old Hunter.108mm. (1960s)

3. Old Hunter.108mm. (1960s)

Old Hunter. 102mm. (1950-60s)

4. Old Hunter. 102mm. (1950-60s)

Old Hunter. 102mm. (1950s)

5. Old Hunter. 102mm. (1950s)

Hare. 83mm. (1950-60s)

6. Hare. 83mm. (1950-60s)

Hare.  83mm. (1950-60s)

7. Hare.  83mm. (1950-60s)

Hare.  83mm. (1950-70s)

8. Hare.  83mm. (1950-70s)

Fox. 75mm. (1950-60s)

9. Fox. 75mm. (1950-60s)